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Our Ibuy99 teams from Japan and Taiwan have served thousands of customers to optimize their purchases and improve the performance of their business in Japan. In Japan, we have offices in Tokyo and Osaka that consist of a professional team in logistics and international and intercontinental transactions. In our team, we have Taiwanese and Japanese agents that have served thousands of customers and Japanese companies like Japan Airlines, Japan Fujiya, Morinaga Japan Group... among others. We also provide Japanese companies overseas promotion and marketing plans for their products, logistics and shipping management.

There are many Japanese suppliers do not ship outside of Japan. Forget about that problem! because Ibuy99 have access to the most interesting products and we send to you.


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2018/01/10 - by ibuy99

1 - A single payment includes : participation in all tutorial classes, as well as in Tokyo and Osaka (per diem and transport at the expense of the participant). The content of the website and the content of the courses are updated periodically.

2 - Contact Japanese manufacturers : we help students find the most interesting products for their business and have direct access to local manufacturers and wholesalers. Exclusive for ibuy99 students.

3 - Wholesale education website in Japan : in addition to online tutorials, there are other tools available to ensure success in the Japanese wholesale market: sales promotion, customs and business tips and a periodic update of the latest discounts .

4 - Wholesale Online : members can buy directly in Japan and online, as well as get lots of interesting and first-hand information. For purchases, you can use our wholesale buyer's license. We also help you obtain your own license and wholesale buyer card in Japan. To make your purchases, it is essential to travel to Japan and find your suppliers, with our help, to later make your purchases online comfortably. For online purchases, inform us in advance with a minimum of 7 business days.

5 - ★ VERY IMPORTANT ★ : prices with exclusive discounts for the shipment of your products : We get prices below the average, for our international experience in logistics and transport, receive the gender in the place you indicate.

6 - OnLine support for members

7 - We have more tan 7000 partners in Japan that we can share with you

8 - 8% discount tax-free for wholesalers buyers

We have a multilingual japanese local team to help and advise you.

Departures 2018. Next dates:
✨ 3/19~3/26 Osaka wholesale buyer group + Guided visit to Cherry Blossom areas ✨( You have a free guide for 3 days! )
✨ 4/22~4/26 Tokyo group wholesale ✨
✨ 5/21~5/25 Osaka Group wholesale ✨

✨ 6/19~6/23 Tokyo group wholesale ✨

We recommend that you register in advance to visit Japan during the sales season. Make the most of the best discounts! Contact us for more information

We also make available to members a large number of brands of cosmetic products from Korea, which can be purchased wholesale from us. These brands are:


Apart from these brands, members will have access to more exclusive wholesale products that we will present gradually and may be very interesting.

Ibuy99 Osaka team

☀ Ibuy99. Enjoy group visits and and personalized attention. ☀

☀ An unforgettable experience. ☀

The first day

Arrival at Kansai airport => transfer to the accommodation.
First contact with the environment. Tutoring to search for products and online orders in Japan. Food in typical restaurants in the famous Dōtonbori area.

Ibuy99 Osaka team with member group. Ready to work!

We can help you with the transportation to your accommodation. But if you prefer to familiarize yourself with the city, you can travel by yourself by taxi, bus or metro. Do not hesitate to ask us for all the information to move without problems.

Night tutoring and dinner

Enjoy the time that is free of Osaka's nightlife

The second day ~ fourth day

Tutoring for tax refund of your purchases. Tutoring for wholesale lots purchase at the docks.
Acquisition of purchase cards for specific centers. Essential visit to strategic shopping centers and stores that are reference, such as:
Temple, Marukawa, Roots, Nishikori, Shinsaibashi, BIC Camera ...

The necessary documents to obtain your wholesale buyer cards:
1. Certificate of the registration of your business (photocopy)
2. Business cards from your store / 3. 2 passport-style photos.
4. Photos of the store (photos of the store that include the facade, sign, interior, counter ...)
5. Passport of the owner of the store
Note: The name of the business card of your store and the one that appears on the photo of the sign or poster of your store, must be the same.
These are the necessary documents to obtain the cards that officially and legally allow you to be a wholesale buyer in Japan.
It is more than advisable to pay for your purchases in bulk with cash, since it is usually the most extended form of payment for these purposes in Japan, although some credit cards may be accepted (JCB, American Express).

Our contacts with the owners of certain stores facilitate commercial fluency

Attractive prices on a variety of products

In the Dian Dian district, Japanese-made bags, clothing and textile stores are concentrated

In Dian Dian looking for bargains

After everything learned, it's time for a well-deserved rest

We take shopping members and get discounts of between 30 and 50%!

A great day of shopping

The President of the Japanese Association of Shopping Centers Ueda Uchida welcomes us - Cultural activities

Live with Ibuy99 an unforgettable experience.
On this occasion we provide our members with a typical Japanese cooking class.
You will also have some gift and more of a surprise!
To do business in Japan it is very important to know certain codes and get soaked in the culture. Learn with us to negotiate and develop in this beautiful culture.

When the members return to their country of origin, the Ibuy99 team continues working in Japan to obtain better commercial conditions and to open new interesting contacts for our members.

Business dinners are essential in Japan for business relationships

Learn and get benefits through a unique experience.

Courses WBJ

Japan is a worldwide reference for its high-quality products and innovation. The sectors of textile fashion, design, technology, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, animation ... are highly appreciated on all continents. Japan sells unique and attractive products worldwide, but there are Japanese products of great quality that are ONLY sold in Japan. Also, most people know one thing, to buy Japanese products with the best quality and to keep up to date with news, one should come to Japan.

Ibuy99 has offices in Tokyo and Osaka. We have experience and many suppliers and customers in Japan. If you want to start working with Japanese wholesalers, we recommend you start in Osaka, which is where you will find bigger warehouses and central offices. In Tokyo they are mostly smaller branches or warehouses. In addition, in Osaka you will also find more distinctive products.

To buy lots in Osaka wholesale stores we have the Official Wholesale Buyer Card (necessary to buy wholesale in Japan). Ibuy99 provides you with courses / tutorials for the wholesale purchase, where we teach the keys to access to stores, purchase of Official Wholesale Buyer Card and assistance to best perform. If you want to join in the course WBJ in Japan, we also offer accommodation.

Ibuy99 is the only platform that combines On Line training courses and action on the field. In addition, Ibuy99 members regularly receive updated information on products, lots, auctions and stores to keep you abreast of all the news at the best prices. We can teach how you to bid on auctions not only from Japan, but also from China, as we also have offices in China.

If after buying through Ibuy99, you decide to go one step further and operate directly in Japan with your company, you will need an address in the country and a logistical support. For this and other cases, we recommend the Wholesale Buyer Training Course in Japan from Ibuy99 (WBJ Courses).

Ibuy99 offers you a teaching team for wholesale purchases in Japan (WBJ courses). We guide and advise you, so that you can make your purchases easily in this wonderful country. Buy in Japan and enjoy your stay. Welcome to Japan!

You are the boss, we advise you and help you to manage your purchases. Come and buy your products wholesale with us!

-- Carlos

WBJ - Course Content

  • We give you the keys to find authentic treasures in Japan, with prices between 2-3 times cheaper, including the best brands.
  • We inform you of the most popular products of the moment.
  • We teach and help you to get your own Official Wholesale Buyer Card to bid on lots in Japan directly.
  • We take students to traditional Japanese restaurants to enjoy quality food with a very good price.
  • We teach you to deal with Cargo, international Freight and Customs management.
  • We teach you when to buy cheaper (sales season) and where. Put your knowledge into practice.
  • We teach you to buy wholesale Online both in Japan and in China.
  • We teach you to bid on Yahoo! Auction Japan. Develop yourself among Japanese without speaking Japanese. Learn to buy your favorite Japanese products without difficulty and sending them to your country.
  • Calculates costs and prices easily.
  • We teach you the keys to quality selection and the tracking control of your purchases.
  • We teach you to buy Online cosmetics and brand name drugs, in the Japanese market.
  • Learn to buy in Japan wholesale with Ibuy99 and save between 6 to 30 times on the retail price.
  • Access all information through our member information hotline. We put at your disposal a database with more than 7000 contacts. Get the best discounts and the most interesting products from Japan.
  • To buy wholesale in Japan you need the Official Wholesale Buyer Card. If you decide to apply for your personal Official Wholesale Buyer Card, we will assist you in the arrangements for obtaining it. You can also make your purchases using Ibuy99’s Official Wholesale Buyer Card.


Option 1:

Includes the following services:
  • Courses in Japan for wholesale buyers **
  • Information about Japanese manufacturers and suppliers
  • Order management
  • Logistic management
  • Customer service

Price: 680 USD / 560 EUR

** The stay and course lasts 5 days and 4 nights, with at least one personal support assistant who speaks Japanese, English, Chinese or Spanish. Any expense of diets, transportation, tickets, accommodation, etc., will be borne by the member. The Mundocompra team is at your disposal to help you with all these questions.

Option 2:

Without an official card, it is not possible to buy directly wholesale in Japan. If you want to obtain your personal card to buy wholesale in Osaka or Tokyo, we manage all procedures and officially registered in Japan.

This service costs 150 EUR / 180 USD

If you do not want to have your personal wholesale buyer card, you can also make your purchases using ours.

Payments: bank transfer, credit card, PayPal.

Servicio privado de transporte al aeropuerto

Documents required to obtain the Official Wholesale Buyer Card in Japan:

  • Photocopy of the commercial register of your company and the social balance
  • Visiting card
  • The photos of the store (including the facade and signs with the name and store). Card with store name and data.
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Passport of the responsible person
  • Japanese stores mostly only charge in cash. There are very few vendors who accept the card (maybe JCB, American Express)

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